The Epic Tragedy of the Cult of Enlil

by Goatchrist

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As regards the concept of the extended play [taken from an interview with Luke Hayhurst of Northern Darkness Magazine]:

"It follows a trio of sorcerers in ancient Sumer (where modern-day Iraq exists) who are summoned to the temple of the god Enlil, who informs them that his Tablet of Destinies (the relic that enables him to be universally recognised as the Supreme deity) has been stolen by the Anzû bird. Now, in traditional Sumerian folklore, the story goes that Enlil sent his son Ninurta (the God of War), who slew the bird and retrieved the Tablet for his father. In our version, Anzû entered the Acausal realm (described in our lyrics more primitively, as a 'spirit world') and slew Enlil's son Ninurta in his temple. The sorcerers consume high quantities of ayahuasca (dimethyltriptamine) under instruction from Enlil, and thus enter the spirit world. They arrive in Plaguewood, a disease-ridden forest bound by eternal night in which they are attacked by five horrific creatures. After the leader of the sorcerers, Quiblis, rids the forest of the five, light once again shines in the forest and they can find the way to Ninurta's temple. There, they encounter Anzû; two sorcerers [Vvorth and J'amaek] are killed, though Quiblis successfully slays the bird. Afterwards, he re-enters the world of matter and delivers the Tablet to Enlil, though Quiblis ultimately succumbs to the lethal dose of ayahuasca and dies also.


released January 22, 2015

Dominator Xul'Ahabra - Vocals; electric lead guitar; electric rhythm guitar; electric bass guitar; drums; percussion (including glockenspiel and ice bells); a variety of keyboards; church organ; mellotron; theremin (solo on track 3); lyrical sorceries.



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Triumvirate's Flight to Nippur
Beneath an ancient moon,
A trio did consult the sky;
"The Lord of the Wind calls from his ziggurat,
Upon this troubled night".
Magister Quiblis, sage and wise,
Beheld his brothers in such fading light,
And fled thus.

A brilliant star died up above these hallowed three.
The magickal bretheren did commence their odyssey.

"To Nippur we ride", harked J'amaek, least seasoned of the group,
At once, all were mounted, racing upon cloven hoof,
Though great a distance t'was from the barren plains of Eshnunna,
Their fear grew as their hearts were distanced from Tišpak's spell.


"To the mighty fortress of Fi-Irn-Bar-Sag,
This place is where our essence dwells.
Beelzebub (BAEL)
Lead us to your truth.
And bless our reverence with untarnished glee."

Lord of the Wind and of Air - deliver us unto your presence,
Father of Nanna and Nergal - guide us!
Unto your palace of stone - we doth return.
To worship thee through blackest rites - the master of Ur.
Zi Dingir Anna Kanpa!
Stir the waters below.
Absu - TIAMAT.
Sweet and salt merge!
Grant us your power of sight:

Stalked in the night they'd been,
Quiblis, J'amaek and Vvorth.
Five vampires had traversed the planes,
The blood of these mages they sought.
As they crept upon this caravan in the dead of the winter's night.
Quiblis did cast upon them a spell, and banish them by the light.

A brilliant star now shone above these hallowed three.
The magickal bretheren had commenced their odyssey,
Now on they rode towards the city of Nippur,
To worship BEELZE-[BUB]; the Grand Master of Ur,

"To the mighty fortress of Fi-Irn-Bar-Sag,
This place is where our essence dwells.
Beelzebub (BAEL)
Lead us to your truth.
And bless our reverence with untarnished glee."
Track Name: A Message Blows East on Sumerian Winds
"Lay down before me; cast up your eyes,
View my true form from beneath this veiled guise.
Ingest my brew Quiblis, J'amaek and Vvorth,
To traverse the gate between my realm and yours."


Fading, changing. Colours distorting.
Third eye opening; show me your flesh.
Glowing, beholding, shown clearly where they're going.
Unlocking the mind's eye to transcend.

Deeper and deeper their minds now fall:
Soon to behold the secrets of all.
Enlil has sent them to his world
To retrieve it:
The tablet of destinies lies with Anzu,
And with it thus lies Enlil's one truth,
To reach it one must venture through
The barren Plaguewood, void of life and,
Void of light and bathed in night.
The lights are glowing and pulsating,
Enlil's brew is transmutating,
Banishing and confiscating,
Physical perceptions.
"The night is cold no more", Vvorth sings,
"Eclipse our minds with fiery wings".
The three emerge into one dream.
Armed with sword and wand and axe,
They find themselves in Plaguewood's grasp.
Track Name: Plaguewood
"For Enlil must surely know:
Here we'll stand and make this oath;
We'll retrieve his tablet yet,
Or we three shall welcome death".

"In this place which knows no laws,
We could fight forevermore and
Still no light will fall on here.
Onward towards Ninurta's temple."

Vvorth did call out to the two,
"In our presence lurks five ghouls.
They dwell both near and far.
Monstrous beasts with blackened hearts."

Behold these three,
A fine feast they shall make for us.
How unwise; for mortals to enter this place,
Where no light shines.

A circle was formed of the three wise men,
And the spirit of Gula was channelled within;
And the verse of the Kashshaptu was recanted aloud,
Then at once, four of the Maskim Xul were banished to the ground.
One fiend stood at the edge of the three,
In it's heart, the fierce power of Kakkab U Alap Shame,
Quiblis, in anger then looked into it's eyes,
Screamed "Barra Edinazzu!" and t'was gone into the night.

The dense leaves of the wailing trees came rotted all at once,
And Vvorth, Quiblis and J'amaek did see what they must become:
The rite had been once banished from the land of which they came,
But they had long since left the law-bound arid desert plains,
and thus:

"Pisha lu-u ZAL.LU Lishanusha Lu-u Tabtu
Sha iqbu-u amat limutti-ia kima ZAL.LU litta-tuk
qi-ishrusha pu-uttu-ru ipshetusha xulluqu
Kal amatusha malla-a sseri
Ina qibit iqbu-u ilani mushitum"
Track Name: The Great Battle at the Ruins of Ninurta's Temple
The ruins of the temple passed by the three as they stood before it,
A great bird encircling them in the sky; the servant of the Sky God.
With wand and sword drawn the three did wait as the bird descended,
The air did howl with a rapid vacuum drawn as the fight drew closer.
But the bird did retreat towards the temple of stone, and the three came after.

A great beak came from within the walls,
And with one mighty movement did disarm the Wizard Vvorth,
The three circle-formed and recanted a spell,
And the bird did scream with a visceral shree,
And in fury it used its talons to rend J'amaek's head,
And thereafter it was seen that J'amaek was dead,
And then Quiblis and Vvorth did ensnare the Anzu bird,
In a magickal cloud, ancient sulphuArs empowered,
And the bird was scorched for eighty-nine seconds then gored.

Then it soared, and it soared.

And the clouds did part and the sky turned black,
And Vvorth did realise that he was trapped,
And the bird did screech with hallowed glee,
And descended from the sky whilst this Wizard tried to flee,
Then it gnawed on his flesh and tore him in two,
And its eyes foretold of Quiblis' impending doom,
And as Quiblis looked upon his dead cult of Enlil,
His heart became pure and he felt no fear,
And with wand and sword in hand he marched to the bird,
And beheaded it and buried it beneath the cursed dirt.
Track Name: Enki (The Ascendance of the Three to the Immortal Seats), including: a) Anu and b) Eternal Revitalisation
"I have fulfilled my oath o' Enlil" harked Quiblis returning from,
This place where he had set right the eternal fresh-water's wrongs.
"I bring for thee this stone tablet which forsees destinies,
To re-deign thee as supreme God for all eternity."

Enlil looked upon this gifted soul,
And placed his great hands upon the man's,
"You shall never grow old,
But shall die before leaving this fruitful land."

As the magic brew coursed in his veins,
Quiblis became alarmed,
As the colour drained from his face,
And he felt pain in his heart.
For this master caster his death came faster,
On the wings of a blazing steed,
And his soul took off towards the sun,
Whilst his shell began to bleed.

For Anu knew of his mighty deeds,
And Quiblis passed him by,
Unjudged by all, in the Great Gods' hall,
At the seat of those who died,
At the sound of a wand cast t'ward the clouds,
The great wizard half-revolved,
To behold before him his slain cult,
And for their deaths he was absolved.

On that day from the towns below there was seen,
Three stars shining up in the sky.
Such an omen this was for the people below,
That many were floored and cried.
The spirits of the Cult that had slain that bird,
Were immortalized by the quill,
For their tale would be told in times to come:
The Epic Tragedy of the Cult of Enlil.

As the bodies of the three were returned to the ground, Enlil shed a tear,
For their earth-bound lives had been lost to the dust as they'd stood in the face of fear,
Now home at last in Heaven above: Quiblis, J'amaek and Vvorth,
Their tale would reside in the skies above man just as that bird which soared;
As the magic strength coursed in his veins,
Quiblis became at peace,
As the colour flushed back into his face,
And the ground did shake beneath.
For this master caster his death had ceased,
By the heart of a blazing steed,
And his soul took off towards the sun,
Whilst his shell forever ceased.